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Branded Support Services

We offer a range of Brand Support Products and Corporate Gifts to support your Brand Awareness Campaigns.  Our brandable products range include ipad cases, phone covers, golf umbrellas, MP3 players, mouse mats, mug, t-shirts, polo shirts, pens, conference bags and more... 

Branded Products, Corporate Gifts MP3 Players

MP3 Players

Branded Products, Corporate Gifts Golf Balls

Golf Balls

Branded Products, Corporate Gifts ipad cases

ipad cases

Video Editing

Video Editing

For a fast, professional video editing services that fulfils your needs - look no further.  At Definitive Media we have the expertise to turn your visual assets into a "vision".

Tape transfer to mp4, avi, wmv, DVD, Blu-Ray

Tape Transfers

Don't let your old tapes perish and fall apart - we can transfer to DVD, MP4,or any video format and  upload to Youtube, Vimeo or any online platform.

Definitive Media Services

● USB Drives 2.0 & 3.0 - Printed Engraved Etched Bespoke Packaging

● Corporate Gifts - Golf Accessories, Power Banks, ipad cases, VR Glasses...

● CD DVD Blu-Ray Duplication & Replication - Mastering Printing Packaging

● Branded Products - Mouse Mats, Coasters, Mugs, Pens, T-Shirts etc.

● Paper Print and Bespoke Display Cases

● Video Editing
● Tape Transfers